CB Radio – How to adjust modulation inside a CB Radio by CBradiomagazine.com

CB Radio – How to adjust modulation inside a CB Radio by CBradiomagazine.com


DISCLAIMER – While adjusting modulation above 100% can produce louder sounding audio it can also result in distortion and “splatter” to other frequencies. The decision to do these modifications is at the discretion of the user. It is also best to do these types of modifications with proper test equipment.

This is a short video showing how to modify your radio for higher modulation inside the radio. While we highly recommend having proper equipment to test modulation and output we hope this video gives some new CBer’s some basic info if they are looking to adjust the AMC potentiometer.


  1. I would set the dynamic halfway after opening the mod inside radio. Have someone listen on receiving end. You could be over modulating or clipping with dynamic turned up all the way.

  2. BETTER to NOT move controls ‘max’ either way. Use small movements and increase or decrease as needed.

    After all, many jerks online will tell you things that DESTROY your radio. Period! Yes, it’s true. Be careful! NEVER touch square metal can parts. NEVER!!

  3. Only thing he did not mention was to make sure the dynamite adjustment knob is turned all the way up (clockwise) for maximum modulation❗You can also use a 2nd CB radio with headphones plugged into the external speaker Jack on back of CB to monitor your audio output.👍

  4. Some people crank up the rf power then wonder what happened to there tx audio. They dont understand how am works.

  5. If you turn up to much you over modulate and sound like crap and signal will not get out as far. Don’t go over 100%. I like to go about 90%. To be safe and put out a good clean signal

  6. Great video….one question…Why when I’m close to other truck and they talk to me I can understand anything…sound like crappy….u know they are talking but u only hear noise…..but as soon they move little bit forward like two trucks at front yeah now I hear them clear….that happens with everyones….tnks

  7. If anyone even does adjust their radio, I hope they have a bit more sense than the person who did the adjustment o the poor Cobra in the video, It is most likely bleeding onto the next channel and sound loud but distorted as hell. If yo do adjust a radio without equipment, do it a tiny bit at a time and ask and talk to someone and ask how you are sounding. Talk a bit on the loud side as most do when talking on CB, Then if you have no distortion and still sounding clear, turn it up slightly and ask for a report again, ask the other person to be critical on how you are sounding (you don’t want to take off the covers again). At the slightest sign of distortion or sounding clipped, turn it back a shade and leave it there. Do not turn it fully up, it will sound worse than it did in the first place, trust me. Also when asking for a report, don’t just get someone to go outside to their car or someone across the road, ask someone that is a bit more distant (a few miles, or just above the background noise on your own set) as they will notice if you are over modulated and distorted. Finally, some sets, though not a lot have a pot (adjustment/RV, VR,adj or TR is the most common) for mic gain, adjusting this can also make you sound louder. If you have a mic gain adjustment on your CB panel, follow the wire back to see if there is a pot (adjustment) by the wire. Look in your manual or google it. Care should also be taken as it can end up with clipped audio and this can be just as bad and will also affect your modulation. If your set has SSB on it I would leave it well alone. If you don’t know what you are doing, leave it to a radio shop. In fact a good repaired with the proper can do a much better job on your radio and check it is on frequency and that you are getting the best out of it. Turning the modulation full up is just silly and will end up to loud and distorted. Leave your CB standard and get it set up properly, it will work a lot a=better for it. If the guy you take your radio to does not have the equipment to set then up properly, take it elsewhere. He is maybe the one who set up the radio down the street that sounds like crap.

  8. If you want the best Peak and tune that could ever be done to your radio check out 440 CB shop on Facebook and check out the competition tune up.

  9. Doing this mod is better than turning up your power. More power means less modulation . Cb am or ssb side modulating Carrie’s your signal. Turning down your watts by 1 watt can also increase your modulation. Or adding a amp with low carrier will really boost your modulation. Power mic’s are a waste of money . Just purchasing a 100 watt amp with 2 watts drive will cost you just a little more money than a power mic and increase 10 fold the sound and output. Any modification is illegal though . Just saying .

  10. I got the bearcat 880 I can hear others but I can’t get out trying to figure this out any help would be great thx

  11. Is it normal for the needle to go into the red just dead keying the mike when the switch is on the S/RF setting?

  12. Yeah, just add a power microphone. Adding a power mic is a lot easier than what you’re doing. I assume you’re modifying an amplitude modulated radio and not a single side band.

  13. Hey , thanks for upload. I have a few portable sw radios ,i like digital more kind of lazy tuner. one of my radio have a problem: on FM and SW on every station with "good reception" u can hear a high frequency tone or beep steady and annoying a bit of tune and high frequency sound goes away, but on AM band everything works just fine. I tested with headphones and battery or ac-dc power supply but problem exist. So do you have any idea for me? anyone with same problem

  14. How do you know if you have adjusted it so you are over modulating? That will sound worse than ever and bleed into other channels. If you must adjust it, do it just a tiny bit at a time, after you talk loudly into the mic and somebody says you are starting to sound rough, turn it back a bit and you will be fine. How you can advise people to do this by just turning it full up is a joke! It can be so bad that no one can understand them!

  15. Do you have a video of some sort to show me how to do that with the DX 2517 Galaxy to get CB channels thank you

  16. Then you can sound like a moron truck driver… it kills the radio and makes it bleed like a stuck pig.. or to much swing then you sound like u in the bathroom…just leave it alone is best thing…pay the money and buy something that has what you need… u be lots better off …👍👍👍

  17. Can you recommend a couple options for a power supply. I like the stryker 955 and am thinkingto use that as a base station. Also open to option or better idea for a base station. Thanx

  18. Can anybody tell me why my swr meter has a resistor saudered in across from the connectors of the meter. Had worked done to it and saw that they added that resistor

  19. Hello thank you for your video. I have a question about jackson 2 asc, what adjustments should be made to increase the watts and modulation?

  20. I had a friend who turned his modulation up just a little to far, and I couldn’t understand him at all. I would go with the power mike, at least people could understand you.

  21. How do i adjust the trastment niddle hand what tuner is is on a Galxy dx 2547 bass thank you from phillip.

  22. max AMC can cause distortion to the voice heard at the other end, so you may want to have a slightly less mike gain… but better yet is to match the radio to the right microphone… often stock is crappy.. aftermarket mic like astatic red devil is quite good

  23. I turned my modulator pot up to max here on the east coast in the UK on my Cybernet 2000 and I came over on the Montu ride tannoy system in Bush Gardens Tampa Bay Florida !!!!

  24. Your next video,(using this radio) should be on how to replace a burned out meter lamp and replacing that defective meter that will not return to zero.

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