Remember American TV Brands? What happened to them??

Remember American TV Brands? What happened to them??

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What happened to old TV brands like Zenith and RCA?

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  1. Can i get a sequel as to how Korea took over the tv market from Japan. Since the major players are basically Samsung and LG.

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  3. You may remember… nope, never seen those. They never existed here in europe. We had the good stuff 😛

  4. zenith was in the computer market in india in the early 2000s, we had a zenith assembled Pentium 4 PC back then

  5. When a trial for licences last for more than 10 years its time to think maybe you "winning bet" there was not too winning.
    A company must know when takeback, you cann’t put all your money on a "we may win this trial" and have not a "B" plan.

  6. Zenith TV’s for the longest time were considered the best of the best back in the day. I had a 19" inch Zenith, that ran 7 days a week for about 6 hours a day for over 20 year’s and that thing was still working just fine when I got rid of it, because the port’s on the back simply became incompatible with modern electronics and game systems. The TV didn’t even have RCA cable connection’s or a coax input either, since when it was made, those things didn’t even exist yet. So I had to use converters just to hook up basic cable.

    It was a fancy TV though. It was so advanced that instead of using a remote control, it just used your hand to physically change channels by turning a dial. And it had a port for rabbit ear antennas and even had a spiffy VHF/UHF option.

    I remember Zeniths headquarters in the Chicago area. Zenith was also Foxconns first ever customer when they decided to switch from quality TV’s, to junk TV quality when Zenith started to struggle financially.

    I guess a LG is as close as you can get to a Zenith these days. I remember when LG first started selling TV’s here in the states. It was right after Zenith stopped production in the late 1990’s.

  7. Hi Techquickie the video is nice but can you revel the working of @UCDIFk_65azciH0xBqfXn1Vg and looking glass @

  8. In the end, the fat cats will sell out their companies and do just fine. They’ll laugh at their workers.

  9. Stop assuming the usa is ‘the world’, I never heard or seen those junk brands in my life.

  10. Remember the time Americans invented video games, made tons of shovelware, and video games almost went extinct in the 1980s? Then some card game company took the technology and improved on it, and now we have handheld hybrid consoles featuring games with many anime tiddies?
    Thank you Japan.

  11. My father was an electrical engineer who worked for Zenith. I still remember when my father came home upset and said a bunch of Koreans came in the office and took over the place. He was laid off a few weeks later. My father passed in 2012 at the age of 70.

  12. “What happened to American TV Brands?” ….I was literally asking myself this same question a few days ago. NO JOKE!!

  13. Admission of a communist china to an institution like WTO created by democratic nations was a huge blunder and now we are paying for it finally!

  14. 1:52 "thanks to their use of transistors rather than tubes" … Hey I have a new idea for you… what if we began to use photographic technologies to "print" transistors?

  15. Moral of the story: If you not innovating, you will die out soon or later. So, don’t stand still, or you will be the next dinosaur.

  16. And the CEOs and other corporate executives who drove these American companies into the ground retired with massive golden parachutes, while the average American worker got fucked.

  17. Rust Belt folks hate Japan in 1970s and 1980s for innovating. Rust Belt folks hate Korea and China in 1990s and 2000s for innovating. Rust Belt folks hate California in 2010s and 2020s for innovating. Rust Belt folks never think "Hmmm, maybe we should start innovating again."

  18. 3:19 I did a bit of digging, and (unless I’m mistaken) while Curtis does own some of the RCA brand, the TV brand was sold to ON Corporation.

  19. Lol Japan hella #rekt us on this. Funny enough libertarians love to talk about "free markets" and deregulations, but are quick to sue people for innovating far better than them. Us americans can’t handle that lol

  20. Man, I had some Zenith radios, and tvs back in the day, the name holds an aire of nostalgia for me. I love seeing the name, it just makes me feel good. even if knowing my youth like the brand has faded into history. I remember having to wait for those tubes to warm up just to listen to the radio or watch tv. Kids today will never know that anticipatory couple minutes waiting for the tubes to warm up wondering if the TV was broken, or just warming up. Or being able to warm your hands up holding them over the back of the TV when you got back inside after playing in the snow. Tubes were awesome that way.

  21. The Japanese used unlimited loans from within their own country with the government literally printing money on an almost limitless credit stream as their companies exported goods to ie the USA / Europe and were nothing less than unscrupulous when it came to delibterately under cutting US and European countries established companies re ie tvs et AND it should be noted when they undercut they reduced their profits to almost zero if not zero so that they could secure their position within the specific market. However as you point out the products just like their cars were ultra reliable. In the UK for instance the major manufacturers produced tv sets that were rubbish and I mean rubbish. The breakdown and service call outs were unbelievable. During the 80s we rented tvs, VHS recorders et and guess what?☺ they were mostly Japanese ! Yes Thorn had Ferguson video recorders but the controls were clunky, prone to failure and pricey, quality was poor -nothing in comparison to ie Hitachi or Sony et Once of course the markets had been secured and prices undercut the Japanese could export and up the prices gradually across all of their products. Yes they did and again as you point out, they continued to constantly evolve, INNOVATE with their designs and technology.
    Also of course in the UK (the originators of the first tv systems) to our shame we had those in the higher echelons of broadcasting controlling how we viewed our tvs with transmission rates of 405 lines which were later upgraded to 625 lines a system already adopted in Europe ! The Russians after WW2 were watching tv in COLOR whilst we were still in black and white! Thank the heavens for digital! My tv / DVD unit plays NTSC aswell as a whole host of other formats.

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