The SECRET Scam Behind CHEAP Laptop Prices At Best Buy?!

The SECRET Scam Behind CHEAP Laptop Prices At Best Buy?!

Best buy is usually a tech store that we all look at before buying the even best laptop in 2018! What if I tell you that Best Buy has been selling you overpriced tech, and if it is underpriced…there is a catch!

We are going to be comparing the Dell G7 laptop and the Dell xps 15 9570 laptop.

Who would’ve thought that the sale was given because they took away half of the ram!?

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  1. Weather you buy from Best Buy or a manufacturer..
    For example..

    They Each have there own form of bloatware.. due to the phone’s they sell..
    As for an unlocked phone buying from the manufacturer..

    You get little to no bloatware. The RAM/ROM Processor is high very quick phones and some have excellent cameras.. it all depends on your use and if your a picture person or a tech person.. or a Premium class that fits to both uses.

    Dell your Buying "gaming laptops" you know because "everyone" wants that because everyone has money.
    No adults have money, students have money kids do not. Or so could be a gift/present 🤷🏽‍♂️
    I would see a ideal laptop is a 2 in 1 for everyday use or student use. A laptop for heavier use would be those expensive ones from Windows, Dell even 🍎.
    Most places want you to finance $/mo and others just are low because some people can’t afford expensive so THERE are deals.. you just may be missing some essentials that others have..
    If you go in store to like a Best Buy you can check out the laptops and two in one yogas and see the stuff pre loaded on there same as 🍎 stores.
    You can get an idea for what you’ll most use and what that company your buying from is who they work with.

    So is it really a scam or you just need views? I’m not being negative I’m just done each before and see the difference on why this cost this much and why that is a bit more expensive..

  2. Bruh!? I don’t think you understand. Do you understand that if a laptop has different specs (stock). It makes it a different model right? Those differences you point out, if anything it gives you the option

  3. bought stuff there before to find out later that it had been returned! Best Buy has been WORST BUY for me!

  4. Bro Id buy the bestbuy one anyday, the one on dell has as GTX 1050ti while the one on Bestbuy has a GTX 1060. What’s the point of this video lmfao, it’s just configured differently. This isnt "scammy". Before buying a laptop everyone should do research.

  5. Wow great video and information. I’m defenelly going to subscribe and keep watching your videos

    Maybe you can help me. I have an online business. I sell on different platforms & it’s going good so far.
    Especially since my 2 babies coming its importance for me to give them a future I didn’t had.

    Recently I created my own site but I’m having trouble downloading a chrome extension. Most of my work I have up till today I have been making it through my smart phone

    Because of this I want to buy a laptop that can download chrome extension & don’t cost a lot since either way most of my work is done on my phone.

    I try asking best buy throught their messenger. I was expecting a laptop name and something low since again mostly everything I do been with my phone

    But besides giving me name he went into bot mode and mention the laptop must be window 7,8,9,10

    And then an entire bunch of stuff I didn’t even understand.

    Which one you recomend me.?

  6. I’m looking for a cheap Dell xps 13. What would be the best option? Dell refurbished ? Open box ?
    Thanks for your help!

  7. Yea its funny that people wouldn’t look at the drive. I always focus on that its one of the most important things. Especially with newer laptops cause you can’t easily dismantle an hp spectre for example and swap out the drive yourself. I’m old school I like to tinker not huge on micro parts

  8. I personally bought a laptop from best buy and the scam is worse then it seems. the specific parts on best buy said 1tb hard drive 256gb ssd and 16 gigs of ram. When I recived my laptop it only had the ssd and 8 gigs of ram. that is like an $90 scam.

  9. Retailers make no money off of laptops so if they are on sale then the retailer is losing money. Manufacturers (or relabelers) can sell them cheaper because it costs them much less to build or have a laptop manufacture build for them. I feel that different models are sometimes sold to various retailers to avoid price matching.

  10. Congratulations on 2,000 subscribers! And I am not surprised by this, Best Buy US is no more better haha. The average consumer will not care since they find Best Buy as a "reliable" company and do not know much about the specs of a computer except for hard drive space (many will overlook SSDs for those 1 TB HDDs) and RAM.

  11. Phew I thought he meant the maxq cuz it sucks. I got a 1 th hdd and 128 ssd and rtx 2060 i7 for 1600 lol

  12. One thing I learned it sucks to live in Canada full of scams no offense whatsoever and everything is overpriced ASF.

  13. Yeah, I love Best Buy, but their higher end laptops are significantly more expensive from them such as Dell’s XPS and HP’s Spectre since they’re already pre-configured, leaving you with less price flexibility. They do happen to price Acer and Lenovo laptops pretty fairly compared to the original manufacturer.

  14. Not true check out the skull candy crushers 360 they’re 299$ on best buy and 299$ on the skull candy.web site so the same concept applies here as u describe in ur vid. So why would skull candy fall even with sales with best buy shouldn’t skull candy have the same head phones for 200$ or less on there web site since they are selling directly to the customer/consumer. Dells web site and dells manufactures are two different things. Basically what im saying is that your theory isn’t true at all it might be misleading but it’s not a marketing strategy if that was the case why would anyone buy from the middle Man aka bestbuy wouldn’t it be more smarter and cheaper to buy directly from the manufacture. Also when you buy something you have to read to understand what ur buying if you were inpatient and rushed to buy the laptop with our reading the description then that wasn’t best buys fault that’s why u read before u buy and compare to see what fits u

  15. This is bull!Best Buy clearly lists the specifications and it’s the consumer’s responsibility to do their research. Just because Best Buy sells a specific model doesn’t make it scam, get real. Computer companies offer different options and sales vary.

  16. My mans… it literally said save 200 on the best buy price. Along with a smaller ssd, not a scam just a small downgrade , along with some sort of event to make it lower

  17. You are amazing. I highly respect that you are a much younger person but still running a successful YouTube channel, and that you take the time to read all of the comments. Good luck on all of your future endeavors.

  18. How it scam when it’s cheaper you can buy hard drive later then equal same price same money hard drives are pricy

  19. Not really a scam. I mean they tell you all the specs on the product page. It’s the buyer’s fault if they end up choosing the worse deal. Every now and then, a certain laptop is cheaper on certain websites. Sometimes the same laptop will be cheaper on best buy, sometimes on amazon, sometimes on the manufacturer’s site, sometimes on ebay. Just gotta browse during the store’s sales seasons.

  20. Actually The Dell Canada website is just outdated. If you look at the US Eur site you will see all the new base models are the same as the ones at best buy. It’s not so much Best buy is scamming as Dell Canada is just bad.

  21. Your examples are flawed. In both cases, the non sale price of the models on the Dell site are significantly more expensive then it would cost to by upgraded parts and have a tech put them in. The fact that Dell has something on sale does not warrant calling Best Buy scammers. If you prefer paying more on the Dell site to get a laptop that already has a 256GB SSD vs buying a 256GB SSD for $100 and having a tech install it for $50 and still save $200 and having a backup 128GB SSD in case of hard drive failure…by all means, spend the extra money. I personally would just install it myself and save $250! The RAM one is too easy, 16GB of laptop RAM is about $100 and anyone with internet access to shop for a laptop on the Dell site in the first place can Google how to swap RAM….and save $100…or it could just happen to be on sale on Dell so you call Best Buy scammers.

  22. Hi, I have a laptop that is ready to break down and I’m looking for a new laptop I can buy at Best Buy with a low price. I am looking for where sceenshot works, long battery life and touchscreen, does anybody know those kids of laptop models?

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